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Angelina Jolie Fakes
2013-Jun-25 22:19 - Angelina Jolie Stretches Pussy
We have already posted a fake of Angelina Jolie exposing her pussy, but this theme just seems to be endless. The act of stretching pussy lips is so inducing that no celebrity can avoid being exposed in that quite shameless manner. And it can be performed in so many different ways! Here are four Angelina Jolie parody images at once. In each of them, she is seen absolutely nude, with her lovely pussy offered for sale. And each time, she does her job in an altered pose. All credits to fakers!

angelina jolie spreads her leg and pussy

angelina jolie raises her legs to show off pussy

angelina jolie fakes - stretching pussy while lying on one's side

nude angelina jolie squats down to show off her pussy

2012-Nov-9 01:42 - Nude Girl In Black Leather
In this fake, Angelina Jolie has got extremely sexy looks, posing with some leather pieces put on her nude body. And the girl seems to be well aware of the effects of that sight.

fake angelina jolie poses pantiless in a black leather girdle

2012-Jun-1 01:25 - Angelina Jolie Nude and Beautiful
One of the most beautiful Angelina Jolie nude fakes which gives us a wonderful opportunity of watching lovely Angie sunbathe in the altogether. Dr Heinz has worked a miracle by combining that well-recognizable face with the adorable body of a naked model unknown to us. Jolie's expressive eyes and sensual lips fit those luscious breasts and seducing curves as well as if they belonged to her by birth. And the marvelous seaside view in the background adds a special fresh touch to the whole picture. A kind of perfection!

angelina jolie poses nude at the seaside

2012-Jan-18 01:10 - Sexy Chinese Angelina Jolie

In this fake, Angelina Jolie appears as an extremely sexy Chinese slut. Licking her lips in a most seducing manner, she pulls up her red silk dress, and we can see that she has no panties on to cover her naked camel toe. And, of course, she is holding a Chinese fan in her hand to add an even sexier touch to the picture.


pantiless angelina jolie in a sexy red silk dress


See also semi-nude Cameron Diaz, dressed in red too, but trying to do her best to expose herself in a sexy way.


2011-Dec-5 01:08 - Angelina Jolie No Clothes

What fun it is for a girl to take off all clothes and stay perfectly nude before the camera. Girls like showing off, and make no secret of it. Angelina Jolies could not resist the temptation to appear as an adult model herself, or someone was not able to resist the temptation of making her undress, the result is really funny: sweet Angelina seems to enjoy herself a lot, getting dirty with no clothes on in the studio.


angelina jolie poses with no clothes on


Jessica Alba appears with no clothes on


2011-Oct-27 04:41 - Angelina Jolie Hot And Horny

From simple pussy demonstration to drilling pussy with a dildo, a remarlable transformation of Angelina Jolie hot fantasies produced by Benoty. Angelina did as much as she could to make us feel as horny as she was feeling herself when she pulled off her panties, pulled up her vest and sat down on the floor to stick a vibrator into her hot and wet vagina.


hot angelina jolie dildoes her pussy


Jennifer Aniston Hot Dildo Play


2011-Sep-28 03:50 - Angelina Jolie Pussy

Hot sexy biker Angelina Jolie exposes her hairy pussy. A marvelous sight which can make you crazy! A brilliant woody09 sexual fantasy which may rival MTBike's hot Kelly Ripa, showing her pussy too, although in a standing position.


angelina jolie shows off her hairy pussy

2011-Sep-5 00:11 - Angelina Jolie XXX

Angelina Jolie explicit XXX fantasy. More than nude, more than exposed, more that hot. Angelina Jolie does not only bares her luscious pussy, she seems to be taking a piss in front of the camera too. As a result, we've got a hardcore image in which Angelina looks an XXX star getting perfectly loose and asking for a rough penetration.

angelina jolie xxx fake


Jessica Simpson XXX Fakes


2011-Aug-31 23:17 - Angelina Jolie Naked

Naked and provocative, squatting with her legs set apart in order to show you her pierced pussy lips, Angelina Jolie makes you forget about everything and look for more of her luscious body. A parody? Yes, like any other naked fake, but so beautiful that we should rather call it a fantasy.

angelina jolie naked


Emma Watson Naked


2011-Jul-19 03:19 - Angelina Jolie Butt

Are you already naked, Angelina? Taking off your skirt? And nothing else is left? OK, we don't mind. Just turn around, please. Turn around and stoop down. Yes, that's it! You've got an amazing butt!

Angelina Jolie Butt


One more Angelina Jolie Ass Show

2011-Jun-29 04:17 - Angelina Jolie Boobs

angelina jolie boobsFancy Angelina Jolie flashing her boobs while she is squatting pantiless in the street! Posing almost nude in public does not seem to be discouraging for the girl. On the contrary, the more she is showing off, the happier she looks. And her boobs... They are so nice... Angelina can only be proud of them. And she is! Or why should she be licking her lips in this playful manner? Yes, they really can fake celeb girls down there, in Portugal...

Jessica Alba Boobs

2011-Jun-2 03:36 - Angelina Jolie Sex

One more parody pic of Angelina Jolie having sex. Angelina Jolie is fucked doggy-style with a black monster cock. And obviously enjoys starring in this hot sex scene.

Britney Spears Sex

angelina jolie doggy-style sex

2011-May-10 02:53 - Angelina Jolie Porn

Angelina Jolie Porn. Although being fake, this porn scene is a nasty thrill for every admirer of Angelina Jolie, as she is so naturally fucked by the unknown fake master that we may clap in delight, shouting out 'Angelina Jolie can be a real porn star!'

Audrey Tautou Porn

Courteney Cox Porn

angelina jolie porn

2011-Apr-15 02:52 - Angelina Jolie Cameltoe

Angelina Jolie Cameltoe fake. A genuine gift for both Angelina Jolie fans and cameltoe lovers. A hot fake featuring Angelina Jolie squatting pantiless with her shaved cameltoe exposed. A very beautiful woman, a gorgeous semi-nude body, and a nice faker job. A perfect combination. For a sight of a nude celebrity pussy seen from a different point, you may refer to a Megan Fox cameltoe fake, too :)


angelina jolie cameltoe

2011-Mar-31 23:50 - Angelina Jolie Fucking

angelina jolie fuckingOne more Angelina Jolie Fucking fake. This time Angelina Jolie is presented sitting on a guy with his cock stuck into her pussy. A smoking hardcore scene faked by someone who seems to have got the nickname NICOTEEN.

See more of Angelina Jolie Fucking, or compare her fucking to some other celebs caught fucked, such as Catherine Zeta-Jones Getting Fucked, or Penelope Cruz Fucking.

2011-Mar-17 01:47 - Angelina Jolie Ass

angelina jolie assA very nice Angelina Jolie Ass Fake. The parody pic is featuring famous Hollywood celebrity Angelina Jolie in some sort of action which hardly seems to be like her, showing off her naked butt in front of the camera. And it is not a screenshot from Wanted! You may see a fully exposed ass of the girl which has been presented together with Angelina Jolie's face.


One more Angelina Jolie Showing Off Her Butt



2011-Feb-23 01:58 - Angelina Jolie Fakes

angelina jolie hot fucking fakeSome information for those who take interest in real pics of Angelina Jolie. Sorry, this blog is not for you. Because all the pics you can see here have nothing to do with real Angelina Jolie, famous Hollywood star, and scenes she is normally shot in movies. All the pics here are fakes. Well, do you really expect A.J. fucking like this on film? Of course, not. It is just a fake. A parody pic. Have some fun, or leave the place :)


2011-Feb-23 01:14 - Angelina Jolie Playing With A Dildo Fake

angelina jolie dildo fakeOne more hot fake of Angelina Jolie. This time, the girl who resembles A.J. very much is enjoying herself alone, playing with a dildo.


Click to see a bigger sample.


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